Engineers at use Okteto to run dev environments with 30+ microservices.
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Code in Realistic
Development Environments

Work in your cloud development environment just like you do locally

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Cloud development that feels like local

Okteto provides a local development experience for cloud applications. You code locally in your favorite IDE and Okteto takes care of updating your application in your development environment to provide continuous feedback as you code. No commit, build, push, or deploy required.

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Coding and building images

Stop building images, just write code

Write code and see your results immediately. No need to build and redeploy each time you write code. Your changes are automatically synchronized and reloaded in your production-like environment so you can test code as you write it.

Focus on writing code, not configuring your environment.

Hot and sluggish laptop

Don’t burn your machine

Having a cloud-based development environment frees up resources on your computer. Okteto gives you a production-like dev environment without consuming all your machine’s resources, and you’ll no longer require a local Docker installation. Avoid the dreaded hot laptop and sluggish machine and code faster!

Use your own tools

Okteto works with your own IDE and the tools you already use. No need to learn a new tool, or change the workflow you’ve already established in your local environment.

Use Okteto alongside your own tools
Hybrid development with Okteto

Hybrid development

Run part of your stack locally and part of it remotely. Okteto supports forward and reverse tunnels from your local machine to your remote development environment. Makes incremental migration from all in local to all in remote simple.

Ready to code in your own development environment?

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Explore the Okteto platform

Development Environments

Helm, docker-compose, Kubernetes manifests, and more. From simple to complex apps with 30+ services, get instant development environments with just the click of a button.

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Preview for Everyone

Product owners, Designers, Q&A, Sales, etc. Okteto is the easiest and fastest way to get a preview environment with each pull request and keep everyone in the loop.

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Okteto Enterprise

Give your team the power of Okteto Cloud, with the control and flexibility of running in your Kubernetes infrastructure. Okteto Enterprise is free for small teams.

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