Develop with Kubernetes
at the speed of light

Leverage the power of Docker and Kubernetes without changing the way you code.

Move your development environments
entirely to your cluster

Define your development environment side by side with your applications. Code from your favorite IDE and the changes will be automatically reflected in your development environment.

Forget about tedious and time-consuming operations like building, pushing or launching containers.

Link between local IDE and the result in your cluster

Unify your environments

Okteto runs your development environment in your Kubernetes cluster for a truly consistent experience across environments.

Reduce bugs, configuration time and feature integration between environments by developing your applications the same way they are going to run.

All your environments unified

Automate boring operations

Development, staging or production, it’s all the same once it’s in the cloud.

Okteto takes your application’s lifecycle to the next level. Commit and your changes will go live automatically.

Okteto App Screenshot

Team collaboration

Let your team collaborate during development, staging or production. With okteto, collaboration is a simple as clicking one button.

Work on code together if you need help from a teammate. All this and more is possible with okteto.

Team Members Collaborating

Our Team


Ramiro Berrelleza

Founder & CEO


Pablo Chico de Guzman

Founder & CTO


Ramon Lamana

Founder & CPO

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