Self-service Kubernetes clusters for development teams

Okteto helps your team rapidly iterate and test your applications by enabling everyone to work directly in your Kubernetes infrastructure.


from your machine

Start an entire development environment in the cloud with just one command.

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in your cluster

Code with your favorite IDE and see the results from anywhere.

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with your team

Share your spaces and explore a new way of collaborative development.

Connect to your own cluster

Okteto works on any Kubernetes cluster. Give your team self-service access to your infrastructure. Okteto generates and manages Kubernetes accounts and credentials for your developers.

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On-demand Kubernetes namespaces

Share your cluster resources while keeping an isolated environment. Okteto automatically manages namespaces, roles, policies and quotas so you can provide an homogenous development environment to teams across your organization.

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Use your own tools

Keep using your favorite IDE and tools. Stop running Docker or Kubernetes locally and use Okteto to directly access the power of the cloud.

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Okteto Enterprise

Flexible security, compliance, and controls for organizations, Okteto Enterprise allows to run and host Okteto on your own servers and any Kubernetes installation.

OktetoOkteto Enterprise
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