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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Okteto with Minikube?

Yes. Okteto accelerates your development workflow regardless of where your Kubernetes cluster is running. If you can run kubectl apply, you can benefit from Okteto.

You can install Okteto Enterprise on any remote Kubernetes cluster. For Minikube, k3s or similar local Kubernetes clusters, you can directly use our open source CLI.

Why is Kubernetes Live Development better than traditional development?

Kubernetes has made it very easy to deploy applications to the cloud at a higher scale than ever, but the development practices have not evolved at the same speed as application deployment patterns.

Today, most developers try to either run parts of the infrastructure locally, or just test these integrations directly in the cluster via CI jobs or the "docker build, docker push, kubectl apply" cycle. It works, but this workflow is painful and incredibly slow.

Among the many advantages, Kubernetes Live Development allows developers to:

  • Iterate faster, avoiding the build, push, pull, redeploy cycle.
  • Eliminate integration issues by developing the same way your application runs in production.
  • Uninstall Docker or Minikube. No more cpu cycles wasted in your machine.
  • Hardware and network just limited by the power of the cloud!
  • Your development endpoints are always available. No need to expose your local machine to the internet through remote tunnels.

Check our documentation on how to develop in Okteto Cloud to learn more.

How is Kubernetes Live Development different from other tools like Skaffold?

Skaffold automates the workflow for building, pushing and deploying your application. You iterate on your application source code locally and then deploy to local or remote Kubernetes clusters.

Okteto's philosophy, on the other hand, is to move the development entirely to Kubernetes. The Skaffold pipeline, even though automated, is still slow. With Okteto you can iterate just like you do locally, without the need to redeploy.

  • Okteto provides bidirectional synchronization. For example, you can execute package managers like npm or pip in your development environments and the changes are synchronized back to your local file system.
  • Builds are executed in the cloud, with the CPU power of the cluster. Speed up all those CPU intensive compilations.
  • Keep using your existing tools and scripts. Okteto doesn't require you to change the way you build or deploy your applications.

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