Engineers at use Okteto to run dev environments with 30+ microservices.
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Deploy realistic development
environments in one click

If it works in Okteto, it works in production

Deploy Environments Diagram

Deploy your own way

Whether you use Helm, docker-compose, or Kubernetes manifests, you can deploy your application to a production-like development environment in Okteto with just the click of a button. Deploy both public and private repositories directly in the UI.

You can deploy directly from the UI, or using your favorite CLI tools.

Deploy with Helm, docker-compose or kubectl, from GitHub, Gitlab or any other version control platform

Want to see it in action? Deploy our sample repository now:

Develop on Okteto
Instant preview environments

Your entire stack ready
in one click

Replicating the dependencies and infrastructure of applications in local environments is hard and time-consuming.

Whether you have a couple of microservices or more than 30, Okteto creates a realistic replica of your production environment quickly. Code, build, debug, and test your application in a production-like environment.

The fastest inner loop

Run okteto up and it will replace just the service of the app you’re working on to your deployed development environment. You’ll get a realistic example of how the application will work in production, and you can test code as you go without waiting for a staging environment.

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Data cloning with Okteto

Automatically spin up dev environments with realistic data

Automatically create a development environment with realistic data by appending a few annotations to your applications manifest, without manually slowing down your development workflow. With data cloning in Okteto, save time and avoid errors.

Want to see it in action? Deploy our sample repository now:

Develop on Okteto

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Remote Development

Work in your development environment just like you do locally. Write code and see your results immediately. No need to build and redeploy each time you write code.

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Preview for Everyone

Product owners, Designers, Q&A, Sales, etc. Okteto is the easiest and fastest way to get a preview environment with each pull request and keep everyone in the loop.

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Okteto Enterprise

Give your team the power of Okteto Cloud, with the control and flexibility of running in your Kubernetes infrastructure. Okteto Enterprise is free for small teams.

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