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ChaosWeek - Live on May 5th

Image of ChaosWeek - Live on May 5th

When it comes to Cloud Native applications, Chaos engineering can be a great tool to help build more resilient software (something that’s imperative for cloud apps, since they are distributed and elastic in nature).

Our CEO, Ramiro, will be going live on May 5th at 9am Pacific for ChaosWeek. This week-long event is organized by WeScale and will be about all things Chaos and Cloud.

Whether you’ve been using Chaos engineering to experiment on your software in production for some time, or whether you’re just starting to explore how you can bring Chaos engineering into your workflow, you’ll learn something you can use to help build confidence in your system’s capabilities, and understand where configurations may need to change.

Register for the free conference here. We’ll see you there!

Okteto and Chaos Testing with Litmus - Webinar

Ramiro did a webinar last week along with Uma and Karthik of ChaosNative on how to use Okteto and Litmus Chaos to get your Chaos Engineering practice started.

One of the advantages of tools like Okteto and Litmus is that once you have all your infrastructure and experiments codified, both Okteto portal and Litmus portal help your entire team take advantage of all the benefits. Your team can go faster without having to touch Kubernetes commands, or having to learn how to create experiments. One expert can create a setup for the team, and everyone can take advantage of those features, while avoiding the bottleneck of having just one person responsible for testing.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Okteto on the Go Time Podcast

Image of Okteto on the Go Time Podcast

This week Ramiro joined Jon Calhoun and 3 other startup founders on the Go Time podcast to discuss startups that use Go.

Why do we use Go here at Okteto? With Go, you can refactor, move code around, and make sure everything works without worrying about months of retesting. We love this flexibility, and as a startup, Go has made our lives easier

Check out the full episode to hear more from Ramiro and other startup founders using Go and then let us know what you think! Do you use Go for your startup, or do you prefer a different programming language?

Go Time 177: Building startups with Go – Listen on Changelog.com

Four Myths to Avoid when Adopting Kubernetes

Author bio: Michael Dehoyos is a writer and editor at Academic Brits. As a content marketer, he helps companies and nonprofits improve their marketing strategies and concepts. As a freelance writer, he writes articles about computers, automation, marketing strategies, cybersecurity, and blockchain.

While Kubernetes is no longer new in technology, there are still many misconceptions to look out for when adopting it.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the world of Kubernetes and unmask 4 of the most common myths around this technology. Check them out, or these myths might come back to bite you in the future. Let’s jump right in!

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Building Startups with Go

Go is often associated with Enterprise solutions, but many startups opt to use it from day one. Why is that? On this week’s episode of GoTime Live!, Jon Calhoun interviewed Josh Curl (co-founder of hightouch), W. Adam Koszek (co-founder of Segmed), Simon White (co-founder of Rebank), and myself about our experience using Go to build our startups.

The conversation was great, and we covered topics such as why we picked Go, how we refactor our codebases, or even if Go makes it easier or harder to hire. If you always wondered if Go is a good fit for an open-source project or your early startup, this episode is for you!