Known Issues

Development environments do not hot-reload code changes

If you are using a hot reloader in your development environment, it might happen that your hot reloader does not pick the code changes even when they are properly synchronized to your development environment.

This is usually because the default max watchers value on your Kubernetes nodes is too low. To fix this issue, update the value of /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches in all your Kubernetes nodes (we recommend the value 10048576).

Okteto Cloud and Okteto Enterprise use a Daemon Set to apply this change automatically to every Kubernetes node.

kubectl apply changes are undone by okteto up

If you need to apply changes to your Kubernetes Deployment Manifest after running okteto up, note that you need run okteto down first or okteto up will undo the changes you do to your Kubernetes Deployment Manifests. The reason is that okteto up records a copy of the deployment when okteto up is executed. This copy is used by okteto down to restore the original Kubernetes Deployment Manifest. But it is also used by okteto up as the original deployment to avoid ambiguities of "kubectl apply" concurrent changes.

This issue does not apply if you using Okteto Cloud or Okteto Enterprise since the okteto up translation is done by a Mutation Webhook and there is no need to restore the original definition of the Kubernetes Deployment Manifest on okteto down.