File Synchronization

When you run okteto up, a file synchronization service will be automatically started to keep your local files synchronized with your development environment.

Ignoring Files

If some files should not be synchronized between your local machine and your development environment, a file called .stignore can be created containing file patterns to ignore. The .stignore file must be placed in the root of the folder.

The okteto init command will create a default .stignore tailored to the typical use cases of your programming language.

The .stignore file contains a list of file or path patterns. The first pattern that matches will decide the fate of a given file. The patterns follow the same syntax that .gitignore and .dockerignore. More information on this is available here.

# default .stignore for a go-based project
# Test binary, built with go test -c
# Output of the go coverage tool, specifically when used with LiteIDE