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Upgrade Okteto Enterprise

Upgrading to 0.10.x

Due to changes in the official NGINX ingress chart name, the name of the NGINX ingress configuration key in the Helm configuration file has changed from nginx-ingress to ingress-nginx. Please update your ingress-nginx configuration, if required, before upgrading your Okteto Enterprise instance.

Note that upgrading to 0.10.x will recreate your NGINX ingress load balancer. Depending on your cloud provider and load balancer's configuration, the new load balancer might have a new IP assigned. If this is the case, you'll need to update the DNS entry of your Okteto Enterprise instance accordingly.

Upgrade your Okteto Enterprise Instance

Upgrade the CRDs:

$ kubectl apply -f

To upgrade a new release, modify the config.yaml with your desired changes and then use:

$ helm repo update
$ helm upgrade <your-release-name> okteto/okteto-enterprise -f config.yaml --namespace=okteto --version <version_number>

For example:

$ helm repo update
$ helm upgrade enterprise okteto/okteto-enterprise -f config.yaml --namespace=okteto --version 0.9.x

You can use helm ls to find the name of your release.

Please review the release notes before upgrading. New features, known issues, and configuration changes will be listed there.