Okteto Enterprise Troubleshooting Guide

UPGRADE FAILED: “$name” has no deployed releases

This error will occur on your second install/upgrade if your initial install failed. If the first instal failed, delete the existing install before trying again:

helm uninstall <release-name>

Registry or Buildkit pods keep restarting

This can happen when the pods can't read/write from your cloud storage bucket. Double check that the cloud IAM you created has read/write access to the specified bucket.

Another reason this might happen is if the SSL certificate is not valid. You can check it's status by running:

kubectl get certificate -l=app.kubernetes.io/part-of=okteto -n=okteto

Invalid Certificate

Okteto Enterprise uses Let's Encrypt to generate the wildcard certificate. If the certificate is not valid, check the following:

  • The cloud IAM you create has read/write access to the subdomain you are using.
  • That the subdomain can be resolved from the internet.

The logs of the cert-manager pod might also contain information on the problem. You can get the logs by by running:

kubectl logs -f -l=app.kubernetes.io/name=cert-manager --namespace=okteto