Okteto Enterprise

Okteto Enterprise is a development platform for Kubernetes applications. Build better applications by developing and testing your code directly in your own Kubernetes infrastructure. Give your team the power of Okteto Cloud, with the control and flexibility of running in your own infrastructure.

With Okteto Enterprise you and your team can:

  • Get self-service access to your Kubernetes infrastructure. Forget about dealing with IAMs and account mappings and just login with your email account to get your kubeconfig.
  • Visualize your workloads in a Developer-focused Kubernetes dashboard.
  • Automatically apply security policies, quotas and access control to every user and deployment.
  • Create secure Kubernetes namespaces with one click.
  • Get automatic HTTPs endpoints for all your services.
  • Configure secrets and prevent secure credentials from being stored in version control.
  • Deploy your applications with one click, directly from a fully customizable Application Catalog, powered by Helm 3.
  • Build on remote your container images, powered by BuildKit.
  • Push your images to the Okteto Registry.
  • Fully integrate with the Okteto CLI to develop directly in your Kubernetes cluster.

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