Private Repositories

Github Private Repositories

Grant permission

You'll need to perform the following steps the first time you use private Github repositories:

  1. Log into Okteto Cloud
  2. Click on the Deploy button on the top.

  3. Click on the Github button, and then click on the Enable private repositories in your Github account link.

  4. If this is the first time you enable this, an authorization dialog from Github will pop up, asking you to give Okteto permissions to see your private repositories, and optionally, to the ones owned by one or more of your organizations.
  5. Click on the Authorize okteto button to proceed.

Once you grant permission, Okteto will automatically list your private and public repositories in the Deploy dialog.

Private repositories will be identified by a "lock" icon.

Update permissions

You can update or revoke the permissions over your private repositories by going to the Integrations tab in the Settings page.

Click on the Configure button to update your Github permissions or on the enabled button to revoke access to your private repositories.

Deploy a Private Github Repository

After giving Okteto access to your private repositories, you'll be able to deploy a private Github repository using an Okteto Pipeline.