Deploy Applications from your Terminal

You have full access to your Kubernetes namespaces on Okteto Cloud directly from your terminal, using the tools you are already familiar with, such as helm, kubectl, okteto or skaffold.

Download your Kubernetes credentials

In order to access your namespaces from your terminal, the first thing you need to is to download your Kubernetes credentials from Okteto Cloud. This document will walk you through the necessary steps for this.

Deploy your Application

Once the credentials have been configured, just can go ahead and deploy your applications using your favorite CLI tool. For example, you could use kubectl to deploy our hello-world application:

kubectl apply -f

Okteto Cloud is a multi-tenant environment. A combination of RBAC, pod security policies, resource quotas, network policies, admission controllers and custom code is put in-place to ensure that Okteto Cloud namespaces are isolated, secure and easy to use for everyone. Take a look at this document to understand the limitations and restrictions most likely to affect your applications in Okteto Cloud.