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Deploy your Development Environments from your Git Repositories

This document covers how to deploy a development environment for a given Git repository. Note that your Git repository needs to be configured with an Okteto Pipeline. Read the Okteto Pipeline getting started guide to learn how to create an Okteto Pipeline for your Git repository.


Log in to Okteto Cloud, and click on the Deploy button on the top left. A dialog will open asking for a Git repository to deploy. Make sure that "Git URL" is selected as the source. Type the URL for the Movies App repo (, pick a branch, and click Deploy:

deploy from git

When you deploy a Git repository, Okteto Cloud will analyze your repo and automatically deploy it. In the example above, Okteto will install the chart of the Movies App with Helm.

Check the Configuration section to learn more about Okteto's auto deployment capabilities, and how to customize this with a okteto-pipeline.yml file.

As soon as your application is deployed, you'll see its state in the UI. The UI will be automatically updated as the different components are created. Your application will be ready to go once it reaches the Success state.

UI of the movies app


Click the Redeploy button on the right of your application.

A dialog will open where you can modify the branch to redeploy:

Redeploy in git

Click Deploy and your applications will be updated with the source code of the given branch. This action will follow the same Okteto Pipeline as the Deploy action.


You can also destroy your application with a single click.

Go back to the extended menu of your application and click the Destroy button. A confirmation dialog will pop up. Click on Destroy and your application and all of the resources created for it will be gone:

Destroy application

You won't be able to recover resources after the application has been destroyed, so back up any sensitive data before running this action.


When you deploy from Git, you can add Variables that will be available as environment variables during the execution of the pipeline.