Download your Kubernetes credentials

Download your Kubernetes credentials and start developing your applications in Okteto Cloud with your favorite tools. There are two different ways of downloading your Kubernetes credentials:

Download your Kubernetes credentials using the Okteto CLI

If this is your first time using the Okteto CLI, install it following this guide.

The Okteto CLI can download your Kubernetes credentials from Okteto Cloud. To do this, you just need to run the login command:

$ okteto login
✓ Logged in as cindy
✓ Updated context 'cloud_okteto_com' in '/Users/cindy/.kube/config'
Run 'okteto namespace' every time you need to activate your Okteto context again.

The okteto login command adds your Kubernetes credentials to your kubeconfig file, and sets it as the current context. Once you do this, you will have full access to your Kubernetes namespace with any Kubernetes tool.

Download your Kubernetes credentials from the Okteto Cloud UI

Download your Kubernetes credentials and save them in a well-known location:

Download Config File

From the Okteto Cloud UI you should also find your credentials in the Settings > Setup section.

Once downloaded, point your KUBECONFIG environment variable to the credentials file:

$ export KUBECONFIG=$HOME/Downloads/okteto-kube.config:${KUBECONFIG:-$HOME/.kube/config}

To see that the new configuration is working, enter this command:

$ kubectl get all
No resources found.

If you don't have kubectl installed, follow this guide.