Okteto Build Service

The Okteto Build service allows you to build your development images directly in the Okteto Cloud infrastructure. Another reason to remove Docker and Kubernetes from your laptop and develop directly in Kubernetes.

Build images

You'll need the okteto CLI in order to access the Okteto Build Service.

Once the okteto CLI is installed, you need to run okteto login once to download the credentials and certificates required to access the Okteto Build service.

After that, run the okteto build command to build and push your images.

okteto build -t registry.cloud.okteto.net/cindy/hello-world:golang .

You can build and push images to any available docker registry. If you are not using the Okteto Registry, the okteto build command will use your available docker registry credentials.

Refer to this document for more information on the okteto build command.


Access to the Okteto Registry is included with all Okteto Cloud accounts. Developer accounts get 15 builds per day for free.