On June 8th, Ramiro will be running an interactive workshop lab at SG Virtual Conference on how to develop Cloud-Native applications faster than ever with Okteto!

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Traditionally, developers write and test their code locally, then they test their code in Kubernetes. This process works, but it’s not without issues.

For example, if you’re not testing code in Kubernetes from the start, you could be wasting valuable time thinking your code works, when in actuality, it only works on your machine. That downtime could be costly to your company and can delay important updates.

Also, it’s harder to collaborate with team members when everyone is writing code on their local machine without the ability to easily share namespaces or preview environments.

Here at Okteto, our goal has always been to make developers’ lives easier. We’ve created a way for developers to deploy a replicable development environment directly in Kubernetes and use it quickly to iterate on their cloud-native applications.

Ramiro’s workshop on June 8th at the SG Virtual Conference will be an interactive lab. You’ll have the opportunity to actively learn and use Okteto Cloud throughout the workshop. Come learn how to use Okteto to code faster and more efficiently, and get all your questions answered during the Q&A section.

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Please note, this workshop will be in Spanish.