Local Kubernetes Development With Crossplane and Okteto

Image of Local Kubernetes Development With Crossplane and Okteto

Last week I co-hosted an episode of The Binding Status with Crossplane’s maintainer Daniel Mangum. It was a blast! We talked about our open source project, Crossplane, and how you can use both to develop Cloud Native applications that span Kubernetes deployments and Cloud Services.

Watch the recording here 📺:

Here are my top takeaways from the talk:

  • A lot of applications contain resources that are not hosted in Kubernetes, like databases.
  • Crossplane helps you manage your cloud services using kubectl.
  • Being able to use the same type of cloud services in dev and prod helps you catch bugs early on.
  • Okteto’s remote dev environment automatically inherit the secrets created by Crossplane just as if you were in a production pod.

The code Dan used during the demos is available here.