Deploy OpenFaaS in One Click

Image of Deploy OpenFaaS in One Click

OpenFaaS is an open source project that makes it simple to deploy functions to Kubernetes written on any language. Many well known companies use it to power their operations, and they have a thriving community backing it.

And we are happy to announce that you can now deploy your very own instance of OpenFaaS with one click directly from Okteto Cloud’s application catalog 👯‍♀!

Log in to Okteto Cloud, click on the Deploy button. Switch the deploy method to Deploy from Helm Chart, select OpenFaaS, pick a password, click deploy and your instance will be up and running in a matter of seconds.

Once your application is ready, click on the main link to go to directly to the gateway. From there, you can use OpenFaaS’ catalog to try out some functions or even start deploying your own.

And there’s one more thing: When you deploy a function, Okteto Cloud will automatically identify it, give it a special icon to make it easier to recognize, and it will automatically display the function URL directly in the UI.

Interested in developing functions? Checkout our guest post on OpenFaaS’ blog on how to use their project with Okteto to develop functions at the speed of the cloud 🤩.