We’re excited about the new features and updates available this month in Okteto CLI!


okteto up now supports statefulsets to help you manage and scale your pods.

We’ve made it possible for a user to create a personal file to override the values in the okteto manifest, which is helpful for customizing their okteto experience.

You can also link a preview environment with the corresponding pull/merge request and we’ve got a new video walkthrough to teach you how to set this up. We now also have support for nodeSelectors and affinities in the okteto manifests.

GitHub actions

Our GitHub Actions have now been updated and the Preview Environment action now adds the endpoints of your preview environment to the pull request to make reviewing code even easier for all team members.

User requests

Did you know that many of the features we add to Okteto CLI come directly from user requests? If you use Okteto CLI, we’d love to have your feedback. Feel free to open an issue in our open source repo, or star it if you use and love Okteto!

Happy Coding!